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On an evening in late September 2015, in a detached garage just off Westminster highway and 5 road, five future members of the rock band Major Fantasy played together for the first time. They had all gone to high school together but had graduated and gone their separate ways nearly a decade earlier. Two of the members, lead guitarist Kevin Gordon and drummer Mike Tull, had played with a variety of bands over the years, whereas keyboardist Eric Miller and rhythm guitarist Ryan Stokes had never played with any band before. In the room was Steve Tuerlings, who only played an instrument a few times before, and was placed on bass. Kevin’s brother Mike joined on vocals a few months later in early 2016 and Major Fantasy was formed.

Ask the band and they’ll tell you the name Major Fantasy has a variety of meanings, but there is no doubt that it in part alludes to the highly improbable chance that the circumstances of their meeting could ever lead to success in the incredibly challenging music industry. And yet, that’s just what appears to be happening. In December 2018, Major Fantasy beat out 32 other bands to be crowned winner of the prestigious Best in Vancouver tournament. They’ve headlined key Vancouver venues including the infamous Roxy Cabaret on multiple occasions and evenings of the Red Truck concert series at the Portside. Their performance at the Okanagan Pride Festival received 30 seconds of air time on Global News, and they’ve caught the eye of local producers who have been reaching out asking what their plans are for a first album.

The odds are still stacked up against Major Fantasy, but they’ve taken a big step in the right direction, or as they put it ‘the fantasy just got a bit more real’. Visit the music page to see recent videos and songs they've been working on as they continue to pursue their dream to play music for a living. 

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